Guaranteed Results Myth: It is a popular misconception that SEO companies can guarantee a #1 ranking in Google

SEO Myth 6

SEO = Guaranteed #1 Rankings

No SEO company can guarantee #1 rankings in Google for several reasons.

Google Algorithm Changes

Google's ranking algorithm is a closely guarded secret that is changed regularly, meaning that SEO techniques which were effective can suddenly be devalued. And even well-established sites fluctuate in rankings as Google fine-tunes its algorithm. So SEO guarantees are meaningless because of uncertainty over what changes Google may make to its algorithm in the future.

For example, when Google started including YouTube video results into its search results pages many sites lurking near the bottom of the first page found themselves bumped to the second page.

Increased Competition

Google primarily ranks websites against other websites and so your rankings will depend heavily on your competitors. If your industry has a large number of well-established websites competing for particular search terms then top rankings will be harder to acquire and maintain. As the internet grows in popularity new competitors will undoubtedly join the race for the best search rankings. And lower-ranked competitors may carry out SEO work on their websites to try and overtake your position.

Rankings Aren't Everything

Even #1 Google rankings can be worthless if they are for the wrong search terms. Search engine rankings are only valuable if they increase traffic to your website, and convert that traffic into customers. This only happens if you have carried out proper keyword research, and are targeting search terms that are relevant to your business.

At Glasgow Web Design we continually revise our search engine optimisation techniques to ensure that they are up-to-date and as effective as possible. We never use unethical SEO techniques that are likely to be devalued by Google. And we regularly monitor and update our clients' websites to help keep them ranking as high as possible for the right keywords.

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