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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing (or web marketing) increases your sales by promoting your business online.

Internet Marketing is more effective than traditional forms of business marketing as it:

  • costs less
  • reaches more people
  • targets a more specific audience

Glasgow Web Design are a successful internet marketing company based in Glasgow, Scotland, and we work with businesses like yours across the UK and Ireland. To discuss your website marketing project on a free, no-obligation basis with an internet marketing consultant, please call us on 0141 424 3408.

Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing services look to promote your business online in several different ways. By far and away our most popular internet marketing service is search engine optimisation (SEO), which helps your website to achieve high ranking positions in the main Google listings. We also offer a search engine marketing service, which helps you get the most out of running an advertising campaign using Google's Pay-Per-Click system. And we offer a website promotion service which aims to raise the profile of your website online and attract visitors from outwith the major search engines.

Google and other search engines are a great source of potential customers. This is because visitors from Google are specifically searching for your type of products and services, unlike the majority of people who read newspaper adverts or mailshots. Search engine optimisation helps your business tap into this lucrative stream of customers and stay one step ahead of your competitors. Remember, if you don't rank highly in Google your competitors will.

Our second most popular internet marketing service is the management of a pay per click advertising campaign. Again this makes use of the highly targeted stream of customers that Google and other search engines can send to your website. But unlike SEO, search engine marketing focuses on the paid adverts displayed beside the main results in Google. This means that you can get results quicker, though they are not as long lasting.

Our final internet marketing service is website promotion, which focuses on promoting your business on websites other than search engines. Web promotion looks to establish relationships with major websites that will generate a steady stream of targeted visitors to your website, but without going to the time and expense of climbing to the top of Google.

Hotel Internet Marketing

Hotel internet marketing is particularly interesting since competition between hotels is fierce, and more and more guests are booking hotel accommodation online. Hotel websites often provide online booking services integrated with their main computer systems, meaning that you can make a confirmed booking within moments.

People don't spend a long time comparing dozens of different hotels, instead they choose one of the hotels on the first Google results page. That is why hotel internet marketing is so important, and we believe your main focus should be on achieving high natural listings in Google.

We have the skills and experience to help you achieve top rankings. To speak with our hotel internet marketing specialist please call us now on 0141 424 3408.

Internet Marketing Company UK

Are you interested in the benefits of using a internet marketing company but don't know where to start? Are you frustrated at seeing your competitors at the top of Google for everything you type in? Do you want to know how they are doing it? As an established internet marketing agency we have the answers!

Glasgow Web Design are an experienced internet marketing company based in Scotland, and we have clients throughout the UK and Ireland. For free advice from one of our internet marketing consultants please call us on 0141 424 3408.

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