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Reputation Management

Reputation Management is the process of monitoring, protecting and improving the reputation of you or your business online.

Every piece of negative publicity online may cause your potential customers to buy from your competitors instead. Reputation management essentially seeks to reduce the damage from negative publicity online, while increasing the amount of positive publicity.

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Why Use Brand Reputation Management?

Brand reputation management is necessary if your company's reputation is being damaged by criticism from competitors, blogs or other websites. Your potential customers base their buying decisions on information that is readily available, particularly information that can be reached by searching on Google.

Search Engine Reputation Management

Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) places particular emphasis on information that can be found through Google and the other search engines. Google has made it possible for companies to reach out and advertise themselves to a worldwide market. But Google also makes it possible for potential customers to find a tremendous amount of criticism, hence the need for SEO reputation management.

Online criticism commonly focuses on general problems, such as poor customer service or expensive phone support. For example, when searching Google for "BT customer service" one of the highest ranking websites ( ) collects and publishes a catalogue of customer service and technical problems, and provides advice about how to complain effectively. When searching for "Orange customer service" one of the top ranking websites ( ) is a support group to raise awareness of problems with Orange phone and broadband services. Attack websites like these are often greatly embarrassing to the company in question, and attempts to get them shut down are seldom successful.

But some online criticism focuses on more specific problems, such as software bugs and missing product features. For example, there are many independent websites that review and compare products and services. And many news websites report on unfavourable customer experiences. This form of criticism is more dangerous to your reputation, as it more strongly and directly influences customer buying decisions. Not all of these websites have equally high editorial standards, many operate on a commission basis, and some may even be backed by your competitors.

Search Engine Reputation Management tackles the problem from several angles, using a range of reputation management services. First we need to identify possible sources of criticism or misinformation. High profile customer service problems can often be resolved or explained, creating better publicity. Misinformation can often be corrected by corresponding directly with the website concerned. An officially moderated forum can be created to provide a manageable outlet for potential customer problems in the future, demonstrating your company's commitment to improving service levels. And finally, positive publicity to boost your company's reputation can be promoted in Google through traditional search engine optimisation techniques.

Reputation Management UK

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