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Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission adds your website to a search engine's index.

Search engines will tend to discover and index most new websites within a few weeks of launching, because they are constantly scouring the internet for new sites. However there can occasionally be problems or delays in getting a site to appear in search engine listings. Website search engine submission can speed up this process, and ensure your site is indexed quickly.

Glasgow Web Design offer a search engine submission service to clients within Scotland, the UK and Ireland. To discuss our search engine submission services please call now on 0141 424 3408.

Free Search Engine Submission

Most search engines provide a free online form to allow you to manually submit new websites. Generally you have a choice between submitting either the website URL or an XML sitemap file. Assuming your website is well designed then you just need to submit your URL, since search engines can find the rest of the pages automatically.

The other approach to search engine submission is to focus on using link building to get some inbound links from other websites. When search engines encounter these links on other website they will automatically detect and add your website to their index.

Google Search Engine Submission

Google search engine submission is the main SEO submission needed for your website, since Google is by far the most popular search engine today. Google provides a simple online form to submit your URL to Google [ http://www.google.com/addurl/ ]. Filling in this form will result in your site being visited by Google's crawler program, Googlebot, and your site will be shortly added to the main index. However, bear in mind that simply submitting your site to Google does not mean that it will immediately give you high rankings. For that you may wish to consider search engine optimisation.

Search Engine Submission Software

There is no real benefit in using search engine submission software to submit your site to thousands of search engines that you have never heard of. This will not attract visitors to your site, since nobody ever uses these minor search engines. And this sort of submission will certainly not increase your ranking in search engines that matter, like Google.


Finally, it is worth noting that there is also no benefit from regularly resubmitting your website to search engines, and it may even harm your site. Once your website has been indexed once then search engines know about it. Search engines decide how often to revisit your site based on a number of factors, but you cannot influence this by routinely resubmitting your site. Excessive submission may even violate search engine usage guidelines, and could theoretically lead to a penalty.

Search Engine Submission Service

If you are having problems getting your site indexed in Google or the other search engines, then you may benefit from our search engine submission service. To discuss search engine submission UK clients can call us now on 0141 424 3408.

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