SEO myths and misconceptions can actually harm your search engine rankings. Read our SEO myth guide now

SEO Myths

The world of SEO is awash with dangerous misconceptions, caused by a mixture of secrecy and misinformation.

While some of these myths are fairly harmless, others can seriously damage your search engine rankings.

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SEO Secrets

SEO myths arise mainly because both search engines and SEO companies tend to be very secretive. Search engines protect their website ranking systems to prevent abuse and maintain the quality of their results. And SEO companies protect the balance of techniques they currently use to maintain their competitive advantage. So while some of the more basic SEO tips and techniques are well publicised, most of the effective, up-to-date techniques are kept carefully guarded.

SEO Misinformation

Many SEO myths are deliberately kept going by unscrupulous SEO companies pushing ineffective or out-of-date techniques, often making promises they cannot keep. The idea of getting to the top of Google for your most important keywords overnight has a tremendously strong appeal for many businesses, but simply is not possible. Trusting your website to an SEO company who uses unethical SEO tricks may actually harm your web rankings in the long run, and even lead to your site getting banned from Google's index.

Dated SEO Techniques

Search engines regularly update the way in which they rank websites, and SEO knowledge needs to be updated to stay current. Popular SEO techniques that were effective as recently as a few years ago have since become either worthless or risk your site being penalised. For example the use of meta tags now has very little impact, and buying text links for the purposes of acquiring PageRank can in some cases actually harm your website's rankings.

SEO Myths

To try and dispel some of the more persistent SEO myths we have prepared the following guide. If you have any questions about these SEO myths, or you think your SEO company are using some of these techniques then please contact us on 0141 424 3408.

Meta Tags = High Rankings

Keyword Density = High Rankings

Submitting to 1000 Search Engines = High Rankings

Regular Website Resubmission = High Rankings

SEO = Instant Results

SEO = Guaranteed #1 Rankings

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