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SEO Prices

Our SEO prices are very competitive, and we believe that our search engine optimisation packages will provide real value for money for your business.

You will find a huge variation in SEO costs and that some SEO companies are less than clear in their pricing, so we are pleased to publish a straightforward, up-to-date SEO price guide.

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SEO Costs

Introductory SEO Package - 100 per month

We recognise that many small businesses are interested in getting higher rankings in Google but don't know where to start. And new start-up businesses in particular have many competing demands on their resources, so we came up with a low-cost introductory SEO package that every business can afford.

Our introductory SEO package costs just 100 per month and will get your website up and running in Google. We will work with you to produce an initial list of relevant search terms to target. Then we will update your site each month to help boost your website's rankings.

Business SEO Package - 500 per month

Our most popular SEO package for established businesses who wish to target a greater number of more competitive search terms. This package costs just 500 per month and offers a fantastic return on investment by driving more visitors to your website and increasing your sales.

Our business SEO package involves a significant amount of keyword research in order to calculate the optimal search terms to target. We will then carry out a full competitor analysis to take account of the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. We will give your existing website an SEO audit to monitor how it is currently performing. And we may redesign aspects of the website design to make it more search engine friendly or to increase your sales conversion rate. Thereafter each month we will create new content and build inbound links to help secure high Google rankings for your most relevant search terms.

The cost of our business SEO package also includes all maintenance changes and updates to your site that are required.

Corporate SEO Package - 1000 per month

Our corporate SEO package is aimed at large companies who wish to target many different search terms, or who wish to rank well for the most competitive phrases. This package costs 1000 per month and involves making extensive improvements to all aspects of your website.

The corporate SEO package includes all the features of our business SEO package keyword research, competitor analysis, SEO audit, website redesign, content creation and link building. But the corporate SEO package allows us to target a wider range of more ambitious terms because we can spend each month working to increase your website's rankings.

The cost of our corporate SEO package also includes all maintenance changes and updates to your site that are required.

Flexible SEO

Finally, we realise that you may be looking for a more flexible SEO solution. Perhaps you have a specific budget available for SEO, or would prefer to pay SEO costs on a one-off basis. In that case we will be happy to give you a free, no-obligation quote that is tailored to your business.

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