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When planning SEO UK websites have some extra considerations:

Regional search engines
Search engines automatically transfer visitors from the United Kingdom to their UK-specific websites (Google.com transfers to Google.co.uk, etc).

Search engines provide different results depending on the visitor's geographical location.

Regional language and spelling
Search engines provide different results for queries made using UK English than US English (eg 'search engine optimisation uk' and 'search engine optimization uk' give different results).

UK SEO needs to take account of these search engine regionalisation issues to be successful. Failing to tailor your search engine optimisation campaign accordingly can severely limit the effectiveness of your SEO campaign for UK visitors.

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Search Engine Optimisation UK

When planning Search Engine Optimisation UK websites need to be careful. Search engines typically provide different interfaces to visitors from different countries in order to provide the most relevant search results. For example, Google.com is the international version and Google.co.uk is the United Kingdom-specific version. UK based visitors to Google.com are transferred automatically and silently to Google.co.uk. Anyone who really wants to visit Google.com can bypass this by clicking 'Go to Google.com', but the vast majority of UK surfers will be searching through Google.co.uk.

Regional search engines increase the relevance of search results, while allowing advertisers target a more specific audience. But problems can arise with UK websites failing to appear on the UK version of Google, or UK companies having difficulty getting listed on Google.com.

UK SEO campaigns need to understand why Google gives different results to search queries made on Google.com and Google.co.uk. The relative rank of your website depends on Google's judgement of the relevance of your website to the two different audiences. Factors such as physical addresses displayed on your website, location of your web server, your domain name extension, and locations of websites you link to can all influence Google's judgement. With the wrong search engine optimisation UK websites can end up ranking adequately for international visitors but poorly or not at all for their main target market within the UK.

Furthermore, Google also automatically detects the IP address and geographical location of everyone using their search engine services. This information can be used to further modify search results, meaning that people in the UK and the US both using Google.com will still see slightly different results.

Search Engine Optimization UK

Searching for 'search engine optimization UK' gives significantly different results to 'search engine optimisation UK' when entered into Google, even though they have identical meanings. This is because search engines pay close attention to small variations in the spelling of words in order to provide the most relevant results. A website can rank number one for a particular spelling, and not even be on the first page for another.

UK spelling can be surprisingly different to the spelling used by US and international English speakers. So when planning your SEO campaign you need to think about the spelling of words that your target audience will type into search engines. It is also a good idea to use keyword research to determine how frequently people actually search for particular words and phrases.

UK SEO Company

The benefit of choosing a UK SEO Company is that we have become particularly used to dealing with the subtle problems caused by differences in spelling. For example, keyword research suggests more British people generally search for the US spelling 'optimization' than the UK 'optimisation'. However, this is slightly misleading as more people search for the complete phrase 'search engine optimisation' than 'search engine optimization'. Throughout this website we generally stick to longer phrases like 'search engine optimisation UK' rather than 'search engine optimization UK'.

Google also sometimes offers to 'correct' the UK English spelling of words to a more popular American English version. Incorrectly spelled words result in a message “Did you mean” followed by the suggested spelling. Interestingly, Google's spelling correction depends on the context of the search query. For example, at the time of writing the query 'search engine optimisation glasgow' gives the message “Did you mean: search engine optimization glasgow”. But the query 'search engine optimisation scotland' does not get similarly corrected.

UK Search Engine Optimisation

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