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Web Designers

Web designers all have very different skill sets, so you need to choose your web designer carefully.

Web designers are a very diverse group of professionals operating in a field with no mandatory standards or required training. Different website designers have different levels of experience, different areas of special interest, and different qualifications and backgrounds. So choosing the right web designer can make all the difference to the success of your new website.

At Glasgow Web Design, our UK web designers are experienced, qualified and focused on producing web sites that look great and rank well in Google. Our web designers have a minimum of five years industry experience, and are qualified to degree-level. To discuss your project with one of our web designers please call now on 0141 424 3408.

Why Hire Web Designers?

Web designers take care of the whole process of planning, designing and building a website. While it is possible for just about anyone to produce a website themselves using basic web design software, the whole process can be time-consuming and there are some significant hurdles to overcome.

You need to know a little bit about lots of different areas, including domain names, computer programming, image editing, web hosting and server configuration, not to mention writing good sales copy and marketing the website effectively. Not many businesses have this skill set already, and many people feel it is not worth their time and energy learning these skills just to make one website. And even when the website is finally completed there is no guarantee that it will look and feel professional. So in most cases people find it is far more cost effective to outsource to a reputable web designer.

Web Designers In The UK

Web Designers in the UK do not require any particular qualifications before they can start calling themselves a web designer. There are college and university courses in web design and related fields such as multimedia, but they vary widely in scope and quality. And due to the relatively recent growth in the internet, many UK web designers today are self-taught.

There is no single governing body regulating UK website designers, though there is some legislation in the UK concerning website accessibility for people with disabilities. Despite the existence of well-established international web design standards, these standards are in fact completely optional and many UK web designers still develop websites using out-of-date, non-compliant code.

Web site designers work at the centre of a multidisciplinary industry. Any given project may call for elements of graphic design, sales copywriting, logo design, flash animation, database integration, computer programming, web server administration, project management, search engine optimisation and more. Web site designers typically specialise in a few of these areas at the expense of the others, and this bias will be reflected in the way your website is built.

How To Choose The Right Website Designer

When choosing a website designer you should primarily take into account examples of work they have produced for other clients. Website designers should have a portfolio of work that they can use to demonstrate their skills and experience. You should also look out for positive testimonials from satisfied clients.

Many website designers from outwith the UK are now competing for UK contracts. Although using non UK web site designers can seem like good value initially, you should consider carefully the potential risks. Communication problems can more easily arise if you cannot meet face-to-face, or if the web designer does not share your first language. Time zone differences can also cause difficulties in communicating. And if things did go wrong with the project you may have less legal comeback than you would with a UK web designer.

Above all you need to choose a web site designer you feel you will enjoy working with. You will have regular contact with them while your website is being designed, but you may have ongoing contact with them should you wish to develop your website further in the future.

Web Designers Scotland

If you are looking for web designers Scotland then you have come to the right place. Glasgow Web Design are among the best website designers in Scotland when it comes to building affordable, great-looking websites that perform well in Google. So call us today on 0141 424 3408.

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