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Web Page Design

Web page design strongly influences how visitors perceive a website, and by association how they judge your business itself.

Webpage design can make your business seem current and professional, or it can make you seem outdated and amateurish. Effective web page design seeks to present your business in a way that appeals to your customer base.

Glasgow Web Design have created effective web page designs for businesses throughout Glasgow, Scotland and the UK. Please call us now to discuss your web page design on 0141 424 3408.

Website & Webpage Design

Webpage design refers to the visual makeup of a particular page of a website, whereas website design includes other factors such as the choice and organisation of information throughout the site.

Most websites use the same web page design throughout the site because visitors expect this convention, because it is easy to navigate, and allows for consistent branding. However some websites for very creative businesses and some personal websites can make good use of different designs for each web page.

Webpage Design Elements

Depending on the arrangement of basic elements of design, web page designs can make a company appear established, traditional and trustworthy, or modern, dynamic and innovative.

Colour choice can make a web page seem relaxed and friendly (blue), or strong and confrontational (red). For example, healthcare web pages tend to be designed using mostly blue and green, whereas technology web pages often use grey and black.

Photography can invoke powerful emotions. Professionally taken photographs can allow visitors to clearly visualise your products, and this can strongly influence the buying decision. For example, the Apple web page favours high-quality photos of their flagship products in order to capitalise on their unique and eye-catching designs.

Web page layout design can make a site appear informative or fun, formal or informal, quirky or serious. For example, most newspaper websites adopt a page layout design that generally mirrors their paper editions, which gives them a formal, informative feeling. In contrast, the social networking website Twitter uses a more unconventional page design, which gives it an informal, playful tone.

Web Page Design UK

Glasgow Web Design have successfully designed web pages for companies in Glasgow, Scotland and throughout the UK and Ireland. To discuss your web page design project, please call us now on 0141 424 3408.

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