Instant Results Myth: It is a popular misconception that SEO can yield instant results in Google

SEO Myth 5

SEO = Instant Results

No SEO company can guarantee immediate results. Search engines simply take time to process and evaluate websites, and there is no way to force Google to include and rank your website overnight.

Google now updates its index continually, no longer taking a month between updates. However it can be time-consuming to get new websites to rank well. Google, in particular, is particularly cautious about giving new websites high rankings for competitive keywords, leading to talk of a 'Google sandbox'. While there are techniques that can speed up the inclusion of sites in the main Google index you should still expect there to be a short delay in achieving high rankings.

Google looks for signs of websites artificially boosting their rankings using unethical SEO techniques, in order to preserve the quality of its search results. Google places more trust in websites that grow and develop naturally, so it may be counter-productive to try and achieve overnight rankings.

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