Looking for a web design service? Glasgow Web Design offer a full range of website design services throughout Scotland and the UK

Web Design Services

Glasgow Web Design offer high quality, affordable web design services to businesses throughout Scotland, the UK and Ireland.

All our web design services are focused on designing attractive websites that are easy-to-use and that can rank well in Google and the other search engines.

Our Website Design Services

We offer a full range of website design services:

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Free Website Advice

Phone us now on 0141 424 3408 for free, personalised website advice, on a no-obligation basis. This is the first and most important web site design service we offer, since it gives you a clear idea of what we can offer you, and how much it will cost.

We will discuss your website requirements and help you to plan the goals for your website. We will answer any questions you have, and we will give you an estimate of the cost and timescales involved for the project. (We also speak plain English, not just computer jargon!)

Website Redesign and Updates

We can also redesign your existing website, ranging from a quick tidy to a complete overhaul. Redesigning websites involves some extra considerations - for example some existing pages on your site may already be ranked in Google and the other search engines, and care should be taken not to damage this ranking when redesigning the site.

Depending on how and when the existing site was designed it may also be preferable (easier, cheaper and quicker) to redesign your website from scratch, since old 'legacy' code can often be difficult to maintain. We will advise on this once we have looked at your existing website.

Competitor Analysis

An important part of our website design service is the analysis of your competitor's websites, looking at both visual style and information content. Your potential customers are likely to choose between you and one or more of your competitors based on a number of criteria. We will analyse a number of competitors in your industry and then make suggestions as to the style of website and the information content that would help position your website as a leader.

Search Engine Friendly Design

All of our websites feature a 'search engine friendly' design. This means that all of the content on the website is accessible to all major search engines, and that the site conforms to the guidelines laid down by Google and the other search engines. This does not mean that the site will definitely get a high rank in Google for that we offer a more in-depth search engine optimisation (SEO) service.

Content Management Systems

Websites have traditionally been 'static', meaning that the website would be updated and maintained by the website designers rather than the website owner. We now also offer 'dynamic' websites, which allows you, the business owner, to make changes to the site using a very simple online interface. Using special Content Management System (CMS) software, like Joomla or Drupal, it is possible for pages on the website to be created, edited and deleted in a matter of seconds. Updates can be made from any computer connected to the internet, and we can provide all training necessary to use the CMS.

E-Commerce Websites

We can design and build a range of ecommerce websites, from adding a simple PayPal button to your site to creating a fully integrated shopping cart system with online payment processing.

Accessible Web Design

Website owners have a responsibility to make reasonable provision for disabled access to their websites under current UK accessibility legislation. Glasgow Web Design understand the technical requirements for accessible web design, and offer accessible websites to our clients.

Web Standards Compliance

Even our basic web design service complies fully with established W3C web standards, which leads to simpler, more maintainable code, as well as a more consistent appearance across different web browsers.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Cross-browser compatible website design aims to make sure that your website displays correctly on a range of different web browsers. Different web browsers can display websites differently, and web browser compatibility remains important with the growth in use of web browsers in mobile phones and PDAs. Glasgow Web Design understand the importance of designing websites for cross-browser compatibility, and will test your website in a range of current web browsers.

Programming and Web Development

Glasgow Web Design offer a bespoke web application development service, and have expertise in a wide range of programming languages (PHP, ASP, Java, Javascript and more) as well as database technologies (MySQL, Microsoft Access, Oracle and more). We can design powerful bespoke web applications using PHP and MySQL, and also offer a standalone database design service.

Digital Photography

Digital Photography is an important part of modern web design, and Glasgow Web Design can provide a high quality digital photography service, as well as a Photoshop image-editing service. Digital photographs are commonly used to show very detailed images of products, or to personalise your website by showing your staff and premises.

PDF Creation

PDF (Portable Document Format) is one of the most common formats for the sharing of documents online, due in part to the popularity of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Glasgow Web Design can create any PDF documents you require for your website.

Photo Galleries

One common requirement of many websites is an easy-to-use image gallery, and Glasgow Web Design can provide basic or custom galleries with every website. Often used for displaying a range of products, putting faces to your business, or showing examples of previous work carried out, a photo gallery is a very good way of demonstrating your business or organisation visually.

Stock Photography

Glasgow Web Design have access to a wide range of quality, royalty-free digital stock photography, which can be used to quickly brighten up your website, provide a splash of colour, or reinforce the image of your business. Stock photographs are popular because a large range of images are readily available and they eliminate the time and expense of arranging custom photographs.

Email Accounts

Glasgow Web Design can provide custom email accounts with every website. For example, if your website is called www.example.com, we can create email accounts like info@example.com, sales@example.com, or accounts@example.com. These email accounts are both easier to remember and more professional looking that using free Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail email accounts as your primary business email address. Your email can be accessed either through an email client (like MS Outlook, or Mozilla Thunderbird) or through an online webmail interface similar to the free email services listed above.

Website Support and Maintenance

From time to time you may wish to update your website, to reflect changes in pricing, personnel, address, and so on. Depending on the level of computer expertise in your organisation, Glasgow Web Design can either perform these changes for you, or provide a Content Management System to allow you and your staff to make the required changes. Glasgow Web Design provide support and website maintenance on either an ongoing monthly basis or a pro rata basis, at your discretion.

Domain Name Advice and Registration

Your domain name, or web address, is a very important consideration when planning your website. Domain names can generally be either memorable (Google.com) or descriptive (GlasgowWebDesign.co.uk), though the subject is covered in more detail in our domain name advice page. Glasgow Web Design can offer domain name advice, register new domain names, purchase existing domains on your behalf, and provide general domain name management services including domain name renewal.

Website Hosting

Web site hosting refers to a high-speed, always-on computer service that allows your website to be accessed from anywhere on the internet, 24/7. Although free website hosts do exist, these free hosting services are often low quality, offer limited services and may be supported through obtrusive advertising. High quality web hosting is secure, fast and reliable, and offers additional features that your website may require, including extra programming languages and databases.

Glasgow Web Design provide high quality Unix or Windows web hosting for your website. We will configure the web hosting, upload your website initially, and make any backups as required. Although no web hosting can achieve 100% uptime, we aim to resolve any problems as soon as they occur.

Web Design Services UK

Glasgow Web Design offer a full range of web design services UK wide, and we have provided web services to a wide client base throughout the country. To ask us about a particular web site design service listed above please call on 0141 424 3408.

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