Content Management Systems (CMS) are updateable websites that you can edit yourself. Ask us today about our CMS web design packages

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) are updateable websites that can be edited by you 24/7 through a simple web interface.

With a CMS you can edit the content of pages, create new pages, delete existing pages, upload photos and more. Because of their ease-of-use, content management systems are increasingly used to allow businesses and organisations to take control of their own websites.

Glasgow Web Design offer fully-featured CMS websites to clients in Scotland and throughout the UK and Ireland. Contact us now on 0141 424 3408 for more information about our CMS websites.

CMS Web Design

Content managed websites can be updated by anyone who is reasonably computer literate, from any computer connected to the internet, at any time of day or night, as often as required. The main benefit of CMS web design is that should your website require regular updates, you can bypass the time and expense of having your website updated by your web designer and do the updates yourself.

CMS Website Design requires two steps. First, the website design must be produced in the usual manner. Second, the website design must be integrated with the content management software so that the website can be updated through the CMS.

Open Source CMS Websites

Several different types of CMS are available, each with different features, different usage licenses, and written in different programming languages. Several large software houses sell their own brand of CMS software, including Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, and others. But many of the most popular Content Management Systems are open-source, meaning that the underlying code can be freely examined and customised. Open-Source CMS websites have the benefit of an active developer community, and so open-source Content Management Systems are often very feature-rich.

Glasgow Web Design can develop most types of CMS website, though unless you are committed to using a proprietary CMS we often recommend Open-Source platforms like Drupal and Wordpress. When you buy an Open-Source CMS website you are paying for our time in designing the site and integrating it with the CMS, but you do not have to pay anyone a penny for the use of the CMS software itself.

CMS Training

Although Content Management System websites are designed to be fairly easy to use, if you are not very comfortable with computers, or haven't used similar computer software before it may be helpful to get training in using your CMS. Glasgow Web Design can provide clear, straightforward training in how to get the best out of your content managed website, and can also provide ongoing support until you gain more confidence.

Do I Need A CMS Website?

Content Management System websites can be a very effective way to keep your website up-t-date. However, it is worth pointing out that CMS websites do require some skill to learn to use effectively, and they also require a little more work to initially set up. If your website doesn't need to be changed often then you may not gain much from having a CMS, and it might be cheaper for us to update your website for you.

More significantly, when editing a website that has been heavily optimised for search engines it is very easy to harm the site's rankings. This is because on-site SEO involves careful changes to words and phrases throughout a website in order to achieve high rankings, and the creation and interlinking of specific pages, and any changes to the website will probably disturb this careful balance. We normally recommend that where possible CMS websites should not be used for SEO campaigns.

To speak with us about your CMS website, or if you have any further questions about Content Management Systems please call us now on 0141 424 3408.

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