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Wordpress is a very popular, free and open-source blog publishing platform. Wordpress can function as a Content Management System, allowing you to update your website yourself 24/7.

Glasgow Web Design offer a full Wordpress website design service to our clients in Scotland and across the UK and Ireland. To discuss your website with a Wordpress designer call us now on 0141 424 3408.

Wordpress Designers

Wordpress designers are able to seamlessly integrate the front end design of a website with the back end Wordpress technology. The benefit of using a wordpress designer on your project is that you will be able to customise the appearance of your website far more than if you just used the basic Wordpress installation.

Wordpress Web Design

Wordpress web design has become hugely popular because it is extremely easy-to-use, and it is rapidly becoming a fully-fledged Content Management System, rather than just blog software. Blog software focuses on the ability to create short articles (blog posts) on a given topic, with the ability to let readers leave comments in order to provoke discussion.

Because it is open-source, many developers have increased the functionality of Wordpress, Additional features found in Wordpress include the ability to categorise or tag content for easy retrieval, a flexible templating system, and the ability for multiple authors to use the system.

Why Use Wordpress?

Wordpress is a good choice for simple Content Management System projects. It is very easy-to-use, supports clean URLs and works well in search engines. Websites with very large numbers of static pages might become unwieldy, but for most businesses or organisations Wordpress works very well.

Wordpress Themes

Wordpress Themes (or Wordpress Templates) are the presentation layer which controls the individual look-and-feel of your Wordpress website. Wordpress comes with a number of default themes, and there are many free Wordpress themes available of varying styles and quality. For many businesses the appearance of your website is an important part of your brand identity, and in this case it is often be worthwhile to design an entirely new theme rather than create your new website with a commonly-used existing Wordpress design.

Wordpress Training

Although Wordpress is designed to be very easy-to-use, any Content Management System can seem daunting if you don't have much experience using similar computer software. Glasgow Web Design offer a Wordpress training service in order to help you to gain confidence in using your new Wordpress website. We can also offer Wordpress support on an ongoing basis.

Wordpress Web Design Scotland

Wordpress Web Design involves two main parts, the initial website design and then integration with the Wordpress software. Glasgow Web Design are experienced at building Wordpress websites, and offer a basic Wordpress installation service as well as custom Wordpress Themes. For a free, no-obligation discussion about Wordpress website design please call us now on 0141 424 3408.

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