Website redesign can help boost your sales online. Glasgow Web Design can help you redesign your website

Website Redesign

Website Redesign is a great way of breathing life back into a tired, existing website.

Corporate website redesign can help:

  • launch new products or services
  • increase sales
  • develop a new brand identity

Websites are increasingly becoming the public face of businesses and organisations, and redesigning your website can be an effective way of repositioning your company, or changing public perceptions of your organisation.

The initial growth of the internet has led to the creation of many websites that are badly-designed, fail to convert visitors into customers, and perform poorly in search engines. Glasgow Web Design can help you to improve your current website beyond recognition, including a stylish, contemporary design, persuasive sales copywriting and search engine optimisation.

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Why Redesign My Website?

You may be considering website redesign for a number of reasons. Your website may look old-fashioned, or contain out-of-date information. Perhaps your business has outgrown its previous website, or changed its corporate identity. Badly designed websites are unlikely to convert many website visitors into customers, and a website redesign could help increase your customer conversion rate.

Maybe your competitors have recently redesigned their websites and are winning customers from you online. Your web designer's circumstances may have changed, making updates to your current website hard or impossible to arrange. Or perhaps you would like to redesign your website so it focuses from the ground up on achieving top results in Google and the other search engines.

Web Site Redesign Services

Websites that are more than four or five years old are likely to benefit from a complete redesign, whereas more recent websites may just need a quick refresh. The reason for this is that older sites were built in such a way that updating them was awkward and time-consuming. Examples of old-fashioned web design techniques include using multiple nested tables for layout and embedding style declarations within each page.

Because of the difficulty in working with this older style of code, it is often simpler and cheaper to redesign your website from scratch in a standards-compliant way. Redesigning your website to comply with modern web standards will also help your website rank higher in search engines.

Care should be taken when redesigning websites that are already indexed in Google and other search engines, as changes made can negatively affect search engine rankings. Therefore an important part of the website redesign service that Glasgow Web Design offers is an SEO analysis of your current site.

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