Meta Tags Myth: It is a popular misconception that simply adding keywords to your Meta Tags increases your search engine rankings

SEO Myth 1

Meta Tags = High Rankings

In the early days of the internet this was not far from the truth. Meta Tags are an optional feature of the HTML code that makes up a web page, and can contain keywords and short descriptions. Meta tags are not displayed by web browsers, but are supposed to help search engines better understand what the web page is about.

As recently as 2000 the BBC said that: “At the moment, the essential element is to optimise the meta tags, or keywords, you submit with your webpage to the search engine. These meta tags are the main determinants of how your website gets "found".”

[ – BBC, 2000 ]

Meta tags have in recent years been almost entirely devalued by search engines, because they were simply too easy to fake. For a short time people were able to get their websites ranked for popular search terms by stuffing the meta tags on their website with entirely fabricated keywords. Search engines obviously couldn't allow this to harm the quality of their search results, and so simply devalued meta tags in their ranking algorithms.

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