Resubmission Myth: It is a popular misconception that regularly resubmitting your website increases your search engine rankings

SEO Myth 4

Regular Website Resubmission = High Rankings

Some SEO companies advocate regular resubmission as a method of boosting your website rankings, though again there is no evidence that this is beneficial.

Although search engines will not penalise you for oversubmitting your website (since this could be abused by competitors), they will certainly not reward you for it.

Search engines have limited resources, so they choose how often they visit each website to check for updates. Fast-changing, high-quality sites such as the BBC will be visited and scanned every few hours. But most small business websites are small, lower-quality and less relevant than the BBC, and so are indexed less frequently, every few weeks or months. Once your website has been initially included in a search engine index, there is nothing to gain from resubmitting your site. Doing this will just remind the search engines that your website hasn't changed.

The best strategy is to persuade search engines to visit your site more frequently. There are several ways of achieving this, in general by improving the size and quality of your website using ethical SEO techniques.

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