Search Engine Submission Software Myth: It is a popular misconception that submission software increases your search engine rankings

SEO Myth 3

Submitting to 1000 Search Engines = High Rankings

Many SEO companies offer search engine submission services, and automated search engine submission software is widely available. You don't have to look far to find companies offering to 'submit your website to 1000 search engines!'. But there is actually little evidence that any of this is necessary or even helpful.

Although there are literally hundreds of search engines, Google and the other major search engines, Yahoo and MSN / Live, represent by far the most significant source of visitors for most websites. Before you pay to have your website submitted to hundreds of minor search engines you should try an experiment - name more than 10 search engines. If you have never heard of a search engine, do you really think it will provide the amount of website traffic you want?

Like most major search engines, Google provides a form to allow people to add their websites to the Google index. [ ] But this just adds your URL to a list of other websites that are to be crawled, and many thousands of new URLS are added daily, so there will still be a delay in adding your site to their index.

In fact, the best way of getting your site added to the major search engines is through building quality, relevant links on established websites. Search engines will quickly find your website through following links from other sites, and Google itself points out that “the vast majority of sites listed in our results aren't manually submitted for inclusion, but found and added automatically when our spiders crawl the web.” [ ]

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