Glasgow Web Design understand cross browser compatibility, and build websites that display correctly in all modern web browsers

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Different web browsers can display the same website differently. These differences can make your website look broken, losing you customers.

Glasgow Web Design understand the differences between web browsers, and aim to produce cross-browser compliant websites that look good in the widest range of web browsers.

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Internet Explorer

Although the internet has developed greatly since the original 'browser wars' between Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, cross-browser compatibility remains problematic largely because of Internet Explorer 6.

Microsoft's non-compliant Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) browser is frustrating for web designers because even though it is over seven years old and riddled with bugs it still boasts a significant market share. Exact figures vary depending on which website carries out the measurement, but it is reasonable to say that around 20% - 30% of websites visitors in the UK still use IE6. And because of the slow uptake of Internet Explorer 7 and Microsoft Vista, it will not be feasible to stop supporting IE6 any time soon without turning your back on a significant number of customers.

Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera

Alternative browsers such as Firefox (from Mozilla), Safari (on Mac and iPhone), and Chrome (from Google) generally provide a higher degree of web standards compliance than Internet Explorer, though the gap has lessened with the release Internet Explorer 7 and 8. Another browser with a growing market share is Opera, particularly with the release of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile for the mobile phone market. In general, most of the popular alternatives to Internet Explorer are more standards-compliant, and there is less of a chance that they will display a website incorrectly.

Cross-Browser Web Design

When designing a website it is important to consider the target audience. Company intranets traditionally don't need to worry about cross-browser compatibility, for example, since all employees will be accessing the web pages on the intranet using the same web browser. Websites catering for a very computer-literate audience will probably have a higher percentage of Firefox or Chrome users than Internet Explorer users.

Glasgow Web Design will give you advice on cross-browser compatibility issues, and we will test your website design on a range of common web browsers before launch. If required, we can also carry out a more detailed audit of which browsers are used by your target audience.

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