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Graphic Design

Graphic Design doesn't just make your business look good. It helps to convince people to do business with you, by understanding your target audience and speaking to them personally.

Graphic design is all about communicating an idea visually. Graphic designers combine elements of typography, layout, colours and textures to produce a persuasive representation of an idea, whether it is the cover design for a book, corporate branding and logos, or the design of a website.

Glasgow Web Design are an experienced graphic design agency based in Glasgow, and offer a graphic design service to clients throughout Scotland, the UK and Ireland. So whether you need web graphic design, flyers, leaflets, logo design, corporate branding, business card design, digital photography, image editing or restoration, please contact us now on 0141 424 3408.

Web Graphics

Web graphics can require more care than normal graphic design for print, due to the different ways in which people can access web graphics. For example, web graphics that are too large may be slow to download, especially on slower internet connections. But low resolution graphics may appear very grainy, especially on large modern monitors.

Semi-transparent 'png' graphic files are accepted by many modern web browsers, but not by certain common older browsers, notably Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. The same image file will display slightly differently on PCs and Macs due to differences in gamma correction between the two platforms. And designs that look great on an average-sized laptop may look tiny on a large desktop monitor yet fail to fit on a smartphone screen.

Website graphic design requires an understanding of these and a number of other technical issues, and not all graphic design companies in Scotland are equally experienced at designing for the internet.

Website Logo Design

Effective logo design is crucial, as a business logo has to represent a company wherever it appears in print, on stationery such as letterheads and business cards, as well as online. Business logo design needs to render the important parts of a company's identity in order to appeal to the company's customer base.

Graphic Design Company in Glasgow

Glasgow has a great tradition of graphic design, perhaps best known from the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. But graphic designers still have an important role to play in shaping the way people interact with the world, even in the digital age.

There is a popular misconception that anyone with a copy of Photoshop can produce good graphic design. Glasgow Web Design believe that the role of a graphic design company is to understand the audience as well as understanding the client company, product or service. It is only through building up a strong picture of your audience that effective, persuasive design is possible. And strong graphic design, logo design and corporate branding can influence customer attitudes, increase brand recognition and ultimately boost sales.

If you would like to discuss your project with a graphic designer in Scotland, please call us now on 0141 424 3408. Or alternatively send us an email through our website.

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