Looking for an ethical SEO company? Glasgow Web Design use only ethical search engine optimisation techniques

Ethical SEO

Ethical SEO (or white hat SEO) techniques help your website rank well without attempting to mislead or trick Google.

Ethical search engine optimisation services are the right choice financially, because using unethical techniques risks your entire site being suddenly dropped out of the Google index.

Search engines use sophisticated software to automatically detect many common unethical SEO techniques. And anyone noticing the use of unethical SEO techniques can manually report your site to Google, including your competitors and their web team.

Glasgow Web Design are an ethical search engine optimisation company based in Scotland, with clients throughout the UK and Ireland. If you are looking for an ethical SEO company who get results fast then please call us now on 0141 424 3408.

Unethical SEO Techniques

Unlike white hat SEO techniques, unethical SEO (or black hat SEO) techniques aim to trick Google into giving your site a far higher rank than it really merits. These black-hat techniques violate the Quality Guidelines issued by Google, and any site that is found to be using these techniques runs the risk of being blacklisted indefinitely from the Google index.

For example, one classic method of trying to trick search engines is to include hidden text in order to boost the chances of ranking for those phrases. Often the text is reduced in size, or coloured the same as the website background. Techniques like this ceased to be effective years ago, but there are a range of modern day equivalents which people still use to try and gain an unfair advantage.

Ethical SEO Company

Glasgow Web Design is an ethical search engine optimisation company. We will never endanger your website by using SEO techniques that are likely to get your site blacklisted.

As an ethical SEO company, our search engine optimisation services comply with the inclusion guidelines issued by the major search engines, in particular the Quality Guidelines issued by Google, Live Search Guidelines for Webmasters and Yahoo! Search Site Guidelines.

Ethical Search Engine Optimisation

By only using ethical SEO services, your website will not run the risk of being suddenly dropped from the Google index. Glasgow Web Design stay up-to-date with all the latest best practice guidelines on what techniques are likely to get your site banned.

The decision to use an ethical SEO company is made primarily for business reasons, rather than moral reasons. Ethical search engine optimisation techniques don't carry the risk of being blacklisted from Google.

The value to a business of a top ranking website can be great, so there will always be companies who look for tricks and shortcuts to get to the top of Google. These unethical SEO techniques are sometimes called 'black-hat' techniques, since they are based on trying to trick Google.

However, people would gradually stop using Google if they did not serve up high quality, relevant results on their search engine results pages (SERPS). So Google's engineers will always refine their system to exclude the sites that don't really deserve to rank highly, in favour of sites that do.

Ethical SEO Scotland

Glasgow Web Design are an ethical SEO company who offer ethical search engine optimisation Scotland wide, as well as throughout the UK and Ireland. To discuss your SEO project with one of our ethical SEO consultants please call now on 0141 424 3408.

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