Interested in an SEO report? We're currently offering a free SEO report upon request. We can also provide a full SEO audit service

SEO Report & SEO Audit

A website SEO Report is the first step to get higher rankings in Google for your website.

Our SEO report will analyse your website, identify any problems that are harming your search engine rankings, and outline the best way to attract more visitors and leapfrog your competitors in Google.

We also offer a full SEO audit service which looks at your website in far greater depth.

Glasgow Web Design offer a free website SEO report service to clients throughout Scotland, the UK and Ireland. Call now on 0141 424 3408 to arrange your free report.

Free SEO Report

We offer free SEO reports to anyone anyone considering SEO services. Our free search engine optimisation reports give general information about problems with your website, and makes some positive suggestions about changes that would boost your search engine rankings.

Websites that were not built with search engines in mind often lag behind the competition in search engine rankings. Our free SEO report will check how your site is currently performing. It is sometimes possible to see a great improvement in results with some minor changes to your site.

We are obviously unable to give as much detail in our basic SEO reports as we can include in our full SEO audit, but our free search engine ranking report will give you a good outline of where your website currently stands. To ask for a free SEO report please call us now on 0141 424 3408.

SEO Audit

Our full SEO audit looks in depth at all issues that could harm your website's rankings.

For example, factors like the age of your website, choice of domain name, and the web host used can all influence search rankings. Technical problems relating to web server configuration can harm your site's rank. Inappropriate use of technologies such as Flash and Javascript in website navigation can cause entire pages on your site to be effectively hidden from search engines. Links to websites of a disreputable nature can severely damage your own site's reputation. These are just some of the harmful factors considered in our full SEO audits.

Paradoxically, the over-zealous efforts of some unethical SEO companies can ultimately reduce your search engine rankings. Some SEO companies use outdated techniques aimed at boosting your rankings, such as stuffing hundreds of hidden keywords onto your pages, or exchanging links with lots of low-quality websites. These techniques directly violate Google's terms of service, and may result in Google and other search engines penalising your site. Our SEO audit will identify any such penalties, and explain how to begin getting the sanctions lifted.

We also consider a number of positive factors, detailing the most effective strategy to improve your search engine rankings. For example, many websites benefit from having more content that is written with both visitors and search engines in mind. Small but important changes to the design or structure of a website can result in a significant boost to your rankings. And our SEO audit will explain how to attract the right quantity and quality of links to your website, another important component of search engine rankings.

SEO Reports UK

Glasgow Web Design offer free SEO reports and full SEO audits in the UK and Ireland. To arrange your SEO report or SEO audit please call now on 0141 424 3408.

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