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Search Engine Rankings

Search engine rankings are vital to your business because websites with high search engine rankings attract the vast majority of visitors.

Low-ranking sites miss out, since only a very small percentage of users look beyond the first page or two of Google results.

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Search Engine Ranking

High search engine rankings are awarded as a measure of the perceived quality and relevance of a website. Search engines are only as good as the results they produce, so they spend a lot of time refining the way they rank websites. Search engines are therefore very protective of the exact algorithm used to determine how to rank websites.

Google Ranking

Google is the most popular search engine largely because of the quality of its results. Only well-established, high-quality websites tend to make it onto the first page of Google, and Google has made the greatest progress of all search engines in detecting and removing low-quality and spammy websites from its index. Google's aim is to return only the most relevant, high-quality websites for any query, leaving no room for other search engines to overtake it.

The Google ranking of a website depends on over 200 separate factors, and is subject to regular change. Furthermore your Google rank can be slightly different depending on the location of the computer you use to carry out the search.

High Search Engine Rankings

A great example of a website with a deservedly high search engine ranking in Google is the BBC website [ http://www.bbc.co.uk/ ]. The BBC website is long-established and contains several million pages of high quality content. It is used daily by millions of people and is updated around-the-clock by an army of journalists with local, national and international news, sports and weather information. The BBC website also has maintains high standards of journalism, website design and web accessibility, so it is little wonder that Google (UK) is happy to give it top rankings for many thousands of popular search queries.

[ "News" - http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=news ]

[ "Football" http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=football ]

[ "Weather" http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=weather ]

How To Improve Search Engine Rankings

The best way to improve search rankings is to develop your site into a more useful resource. Some people look for quick and easy ways to increase Google rankings, but this is counter-productive.

There are only ten listings available on the first page, so to get top 10 search engine rankings you need to outrank almost all of your competitors. If you use a quick and easy trick to artificially boost a site's rankings then one of two things will happen. All of your competitors will start using this trick, negating your advantage. Or Google will permanently devalue the trick, negating your advantage.

In either case, a better way to higher search engine rankings is to develop a high quality website, that is fully accessible to search engines, containing plenty of useful, appropriate content, and to carry out off-site marketing work to raise awareness of your website as a resource.

Search engine positioning tries to improve search engine rank without violating any of the inclusion guidelines published by the major search engines. A high search engine position will earn money for your business for years to come, and is definitely worth the time and effort to achieve properly.

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