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Web Analytics

Website Analytics collects and analyses information about how people use your website.

Typical website statistics collected includes where your visitors come from, how long they stay on your website, which pages they visit, and your visitor to customer conversion rates.

Web analytics information allows you to improve your website's effectiveness as a sales tool, because it helps you optimise your website to attract more visitors, keep visitors on the site longer, and convert more visitors into customers.

Glasgow Web Design can help improve your website using web site analytics. To discuss your project with a web analytics consultant please call now on 0141 424 3408.

Website Statistics

Website statistics (or web metrics) are the many useful measurements made when collected information using website analytics. A website statistic is something like the number of unique visitors your website receives per day, or the average length of time visitors spend on a particular web page. An important statistic for optimisation is the 'bounce rate', which is the proportion of users who enter and leave your site without visiting any other pages. Web statistics are tremendously useful but need to be analysed properly to draw reliable conclusions.

Analysing Web Statistics

Web statistics are easily misunderstood and there are a number of common pitfalls to watch out for. The classic mistake is to confuse 'hits' with 'page views'. A hit is a request to your web server for a given file, and each hit is normally recorded in your server logs. Loading a page containing nine images will actually result in ten separate hits, since the HTML page itself and each image file are downloaded as separate files. This means the number of hits is usually greatly higher than the number of people actually using your site, and so the number of page views is generally a more useful metric.

Another popular misunderstanding is the confusion between first time and repeat visitors. You would probably expect the numbers of first time visitors and repeat visitors to add up to the number of total visitors. However this not the case, since someone making his first and second visits to your website at different times on the same day will appear in both the new visitor and repeat visitor metrics for that day. This is not to say that these visitor metrics are useless, just that they need to be carefully interpreted to yield valid conclusions.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular free web analytics package offering a variety of web statistics. Installation needs to be carried out on your web server, but thereafter all website analytics management can be carried out through your web browser. We can offer Google Analytics training if you wish to use this service to personally monitor your website metrics.

Web Analytics Company Scotland

Glasgow Web Design are a web analytics company in Glasgow, and offer a full web analytics service to clients in Scotland, the UK and Ireland. We are experienced in using web analytics data to help optimise your website as part of an SEO campaign. To discuss your analytics project please call now on 0141 424 3408.

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